Some ideas for using Evernote in education

Graduating from UTS Kuring-gai - thanks Dr  Anne Prescott!

Graduating from UTS Kuring-gai – thanks Dr Anne Prescott!

Like most educators I’ve been flat out keeping on top of reports, marking, inspiring and getting through the syllabus.  But when I’m not doing that I’m being a learner myself.  That’s right I’m a student, a learner, and an educator all in one.

This semester instead of completing another subject in my Masters of Educational Technology at Boise State I’m giving casual lecturing a go at my alma mater, the University of Technology in Sydney. It is where I completed my Diploma of Education back in 2005, can you believe it?  ==>

So to my #DLDG2013 students reading this post – thanks for tuning in, this post really is for you.

This is one of the many short stimulus sessions that your lecturers will create over the coming weeks to help you think “outside of the box” in ways that you could use technology in your KLA area to meet your inquiry project (Assignment 2).

So does that give you some ideas? Or do you disagree with something I’ve proposed?

Leave a comment below this post, and we’ll continue the discussion.  If you need to register or sign up for WordPress to do so then go right ahead as we’ll be using it later in the semester.