Flipping the classroom via pencasts

Pencasting lessons and tutorials anytime, anywhere.

Source: Edudemic.com (click on picture for direct link)

Source: Edudemic.com (click on picture for direct link)

Okay so firstly let me begin by warning you this may read and look like a sales pitch. And I should be transparent and tell you that whilst I have given Professional Learning presentations about the Livescribe Smartpen before I have never received or been paid for this promotion.  I simply believe it is an awesome and incredibly accessible tool for both teachers and students to use in Education.  It is used widely outside of the Educational field as well but that’s not the focus of this post today.

Like my other recent posts this is aimed at my #DLDG2013 students at UTS.  Hopefully this will spark an idea that you get to explore further whilst on your first teaching placement or for your upcoming inquiry project.

So check out this short little stimulus video and let me know what you think in the comments below the blog, or on Twitter @dougvass using the #DLDG2013.

And because I didn’t demo the pen in my video I thought I’d share this as well.  It’s essentially an advertisement but it does give more of an idea how it works.

Further information on Livescribe smartpens in Australia can be found at https://www.smartpen.com.au/education.

For the iPad apps mentioned checkout the Apple App store and look up one or more of

  • Explain Everything
  • ShowMe
  • Educreations

Lastly for more ideas of Flipping check out Edudemic.



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