Can games SAVE our world?… crazy, but could she be right?

Jane McGonical from the Institute for the Future has one seriously impressive vision and that is that Gamers can take the skills they learn through millions of hours of gaming and apply them to the real world to creatively solve societies problems.  Wow… can we? Could it be possible?

I discovered this video via Worp’s Blog, after he commented on my previous post.  You’ve gotta love random connections like that which just allow your brain to go WOW! (Oh and WoW gamers please excuse the pun).

Now before you click on the video below, please make sure you can watch it until the end. When I first started watching it I thought she was a little loopy, and at one point completely insane.  But remember when we thought the world was flat? And explorers would spend their lives sailing the oceans looking for what was out there, discovering new species, new lands, new medicines and bringing them home to learn, share and grow from that knowledge.  (Yes there were terrible side affects too like the spread of disease etc and destruction of ancient civilisations as well, but let’s just focus on the positives right now).

So are gamers our new world explorers? Are they devoting their lives to learning the skills required to help our species evolve and develop the collective consciousness to solve society’s ills?  Leave me a comment with your thoughts.

Here are links to two of the games she mentions for the real world, I’m off to play them now.
World without Oil and Evoke.


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