3D GameLab Learnings

In this post and several that will follow I’ll be documenting my involvement and learnings from the closed beta test of 3D GameLab.

So what is 3D GameLab? Check out this video for a quick preview.

It’s Day 3 – Australian time which means some of my other global teaching peers have only been at it for only 48 hours, and some of them would definitely have been going full-on for those 48hrs.

I’m intrigued, I’m amazed, I’m excited, I’m overwhelmed.

Game-based learning or Quest-based learning is truly a fascinating methodology.  There is so much potential and freedom in the design of micro-quests for simple instructional tasks and macro-quests for more complex teachings.

However you don’t ever really get a sense of the big picture, how much do I need to know, is there an end? What is the end? Chris Haskell one of the brilliant minds behind the system along with Dr. Lisa Dawley from the Edtech Department at Boise State University refers to an XP (Exeperience points) winning condition of 2000 or similar.  I guess that is just more power to the game right? You as the teacher / creator / designer / educator get to decide what it is for your class. No more grades, just standards that you know your students need to meet and XP.

You can reward them along the way virtually with badges and achievements and if you’re a true blended instructor you’ll link those virtual rewards with something in the real world as well. Think about it? Instead of doing 20 questions, have students achieve 200XP and they can get a 5 minute early mark or play another game.

… but I wonder, will they just keep playing 3D GameLab to try and get more XP so they can “beat” their best friend in the game.  That might just be the power of 3D GameLab.  Only time will tell.


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